SoluDe has a team of  talented and proficient software and mobile application developers, that are well versed in working with major frameworks and platforms, such as iOS, Android, and Hybrid Mobile Application Development. With a fun and professional way, our experts work with Project Management best practices and following Standard Operating Procedures, to deliver custom mobile applications from scratch till finished product. SoluDe focuses on clients’ vision, goals, and business priorities while developing a solution for them, in order to achieve full customer satisfaction and return on investment.


We at SoluDe takes pride in our highly skilled team of software developers, that includes our web and mobile app development team. At SoluDe we are well versed and equipped with the tools and best practices to develop iOS and Android mobile applications. Competing confidently in the market as one of the established names in app development business. We develop apps in compliance with PlayStore and Appstore standards and policies while assuring the quality of the end products.

Our team of designers, developers, analysts, and project managers are working round the clock transforming clients’ ideas into reality.


Mobile Technologies we work on:


  • Language – Java based Android APIs
  • IDE – Android Studio


  • Language – Objective C with Cocoa Touch Framework
  • Language – Swift with Cocoa Touch Framework
  • IDE – XCode

Hybrid Frameworks

  • HTML5 / JQueryMobile
  • iONIC
  • Cordova / PhoneGap

Other Frameworks

  • Node.js
  • PubNub
  • Retrofit
  • Firebase

Location Based Services: With the use of Location Based Services (LBS) you can use the geographical location of the smartphone for enhanced application features. Location Based Services works great with the location based Marketing Campaigns, Social & Business Networking, Push Notifications, etc.

Push Notifications: Push Notifications are widely used by various mobile applications, and they have proven to be an effective way to keep the mobile app users engaged and returning to the app. Its use can vary from simple alerts to rich-content messages, Push Notification is perfect for promotional campaigns, app updates, alerts, reminders, etc.

In-App Purchases: In-App purchases are purchases made within the application. Users typically make In-App purchases to get subscriptions and access special content or features within the app. In-App purchases give boost to developer’s revenue stream.

API Integration: API Integration enables incorporation of 3rd party services in your application in a seamless manner and allows quick rendering of information on your mobile device, while reducing the development cost and time.

App Analytics: With App Analytics, you get a clear view of how your app users interact with the app, starting from discovery & download till in-app purchases, etc., enabling you to bring improvements in your app to enhance user experience, engagement and retention.

Social Sharing: Social sharing plugins allow users to conveniently share photos, videos, updates, activities and other app content on social media, resulting in increased popularity of your app, improved brand image and a steep rise in user traffic and download rate.


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